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Apr 29, 2014 6:59pm PDT
former u.s. ambassador to russia. or crimea. it's hard to tell at this point. please welcome ambassador michael mcfaul. (applause) mr. ambassador thank you so much for coming on. now ambassador that say great title. you get to hold on to that even if you are not ambassador any more? >> technically but now i'm professor. >> stephen: your excellency. >> if you want to call me that, that would be happy. >> stephen: that is really nice. i would have cards printed up. okay. now as i said you were former u.s. ambassador to russia. an architect of president obama's reset policy there. i hear that term a lot. what does reset mean? because we seem like we're reset to the cold war with russia. >> which i'm in favor of, what was the intention of our reset with russia? >> well back in 200 when president obama used that term the first time, the idea was very simple. that we have some common interest with russia. and if we engage with them f we talk to them we can achieve those outcomes so getting rid of nuclear weapons, sanctions on iran, supplying our troops in afghanistan through russia
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Apr 28, 2014 9:00am PDT
can'ts took over the crimean peninsula and handed it to russia, many thought the militias were not only pro-russian but russian. russian president vladimir putin knew different. >> those are local self defense units. >> jon: you have to take the man at his word. come on. look at that face. with that, would that face lie to you? don't answer that because that face would kill you with poison. actually, that face did lie to you. vladimir putin in the meantime spoke on russian tv for the first time he admitted the troops in unmarked uniforms who took crimea before its annexation by moscow were, in fact, russian soldiers. >> jon: april fools'. in february. ordinarily, i would let by gonzales be by gonzales but large parts of eastern ukraine are now filled with the mysterious militias, taking over government buildings and not only taking ukrainian tanks, they are doing things with them i didn't think you could do. i have to tell you, man, with all due respect to ukraine that is -- but at least now putin is more accustomed to telling the truth i am sure he will level as to russian involve
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)